STEP 1: 
Order or Get a Certified Birth Record / Birth Certificate from the County you were born in (If in the US)

STEP 2: 
If Born in the USA ORDER an AUTHENTICATION of your Certified Birth Record from the Secretary of State (SOS) of your birth State.

If Born OUTSIDE of the USA:
  Contact the Department of State to find out how to Authenticate your birth certificate from your birth country.


Links to the SOS of the US are below.

Choose a Non-Hauge Convention Country for authentication from this list.  

Either fill out your state provided form or write a letter to the Secretary of State (SOS) in your birth state with the check for the amount your state charges for the Authentication Service.

STEP 5 (a-b-c):
When you get your authenticated (birth certificate) documents back from the state you were born in, you now need to:


Download a US STATE DEPARTMENT / REQUEST FOR AUTHENTICATIONS SERVICE Form a DS-4194 Form by clicking here.   Fill it out and include a check of $20 for Federal Authentication processing.


MAIL the document(s) you received to mailing address below

You must include a SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE with PREPAID POSTAGE for them to return the form(s) back to you.

US Department of State
Office of Authentications
44132 Mercure Circle
PO Box 1206
Sterling, Virginia. 20166-1206

STEP 6:  When you receive your Federally authenticated Birth Certificate you are now holder in due course of an “Original Birth Certificate”

STEP 7:  Record your “secret deed” to your birth records in your record keeping book or record keeping system.

Copies of Records
“Certifications and certified copies of all papers, documents, certificates, and records required or authorized to be issued, used, filed, recorded, or kept under any and all provisions of this chapter shall be admitted in evidence equally with the originals in any and all cases and proceedings under this chapter and in all cases and proceedings in which the originals thereof might be admissible as evidence.”

Considering the shenanigans that the bonded birth records have gone through, probably being traded hundreds of times as commodities, think of the possibilities one has to self-govern having received a document “equal to the original” in U.S. Law. One could literally say they have resumed administration over themselves and their agencies. Of course there is much more to learn but authentication is no tiny step. Self-governance begins at authentication. All presumptions at the laws of Babylon can now be countered. Look up COUNTER-DEED and reconcile.  

Counter-deed: A counter-deed is a secret deed that is executed before a notary or under a private seal. A  counter-deed destroys , invalidates, voids or alters a public deed.  

A counter-deed or “secret deed” “voids” the public deed.
This statement is remarkable in that it exposes the process that
Babylon has used for millennia [see ancient system of pledging]. Authentication enables you to take control of the Title to your properties. We will show you specifics as we go.


A Public deed is a public document which comes from a public employee
with the legal authority to attest documentsWebster’s 1913


Documents can be:

  • The public document (which comes from a public employee with the legal authority to attest documents).

  • The official document (which originates from a public employee without the legal authority to attest documents).

  • The private document.

“Private Seal”
Part of the process of perfecting your “paramount claim” is adopting a “Private Seal”. You will need one to administrate
your house anyway…. So consider what it will look like and what it will say on it.

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