This is the official site of the C2K Report featuring Randy Conway of Randy Conway Poems, David Paxton of The Hidden Day, and Rick Hidalgo of The Hidalgo Show. Please browse out site. We are constantly updating its content. We use this platform to teach listeners about the ancient science of self-governance. Here we are all learning and growing together. We understand that our eternity starts the day we meet Yahusha Hamaschiach [Jesus Christ] and that on that wonderful day of meeting, we begin our journey to reigning with Christ. That is what self-governance is.

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The Case for Self-Governance
The Power of
Voluntary Surrender:
The Story of US!
Embassy, alignment,
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Build your House
Kingdom Estate Planning
Can of Worms
Maxims of Self-Governance
Declaration of Establishment
Salvation or Salvage?
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Babylonian Presumptivism
Let your Yes be Yes
The Granted Embassy
Sink or Swim
Babylonian Shipping Lanes
All About Registration
Brainstorming in the Fog of War
Year in Review
Answers to Emails and Public Solicitations
Questions and Answers
Certificate of Status
To be or Not to be Political
Exemption or Exception
Chain of Title
Dr. Mike Spaulding
Jo Rae Perkins
Dr. Michael Lake
Contract Makes the Law
Understanding your Trust’s Purpose
Shame on you Sheriff
Clay Clark
David Heavener
Big Picture
Ecclesia Estate Planning
A Godly Apparatus
Role of the Church
Agential Relationship
State National or Ambassador?
Duties of an Ambassador
Rick and Rob Rene
Counter Deeds
Let’s Make it Simple
Let’s Make it Simple pt.2
Let’s Make it Simple pt.3
Keeping it Simple pt.4
Keeping it Simple pt.5
Tyranny’s Playbook
Who is the Strawman
Free exercise means Free
Unboxed Ecclesia
Private Administrative Process
Private Administrative Process Pt.2
News Release and Review
Your Greatest Protection
Living by Agreement
Are You Free?
Destined to Win!
The Great Contractor!
The Great Treasurer!
The Great General!
The Great Restorer
The Great Healer!
War Room 1
War Room 2
The Great King
Alfred Martinez
War Room 3
The Great Judge
The Plan
Dumping Babylon
Mindset Shift
Process Review
A Big Year
No More Distractions
Heaven Can’t Wait
Life thru a Ministry Window
Tethering to the Kingdom
Level up your House
Compelling Interest
Not the New World Order
Culture, Custom, Calling
The Body of Christ